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Table 1 Generic and specific questionnaires on health-related quality of life

From: Impact of non-cardiovascular comorbidities on the quality of life of patients with chronic heart failure: a scoping review

Questionnaire Dimensions Punctuation
 EQ-5D Mobility, personal care, daily activities, pain / discomfort and anxiety / depression Index: from 0 (death) to 1 (best state), VAS: from 0 (worst state) to 100 (best state)
 SF-36 Physical function, physical role, body pain, general health, vitality, social function, emotional role, mental health and declared evolution of health Physical and mental summation: from 0 (worst state) to 100 (best state)
 SF-12 Physical and mental From 0 (worst functionality) to 100 (best functionality)
 SF-6D Physical function, role limitations, social function, pain, mental health and vitality From 0 (death) to 1 (excellent health)
 KCCQ [50, 51] Physical limitation, symptom stability, frequency of symptoms, severity of symptoms, self-care, quality of life and social limitation Clinical summary (physical limitation and symptoms), summary of symptoms (frequency and severity) and general summary: from 0 (worst condition) to 100 (best condition)
 MLHFQ [50, 51] Physical, emotional, social General: from 0 (best state) to 105 (worst state), physical component (0–40), and mental component (0–25)
  1. EQ-5D European Quality of Life 5 Dimensions, KCCQ Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire, MLHFQ Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire, SF-12 12-item Short Form Health Survey, SF-36 36-item Short Form Health Survey, SF-6D Short Form Six Dimension