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Table 3 Application of the checklist

From: Selection of a quality of life instrument for polio survivors in Northwest Nigeria

How to apply the checklist
Step 1: Identify the main meaningful unit within the items of the instrument
Step 2: Check if the meaningful unit is consistent with any of the available concepts
Step 3: Link the meaningful unit to the most appropriate concept base on face validity
Step 4: Compute the total number of items in the scale that are link to each concept
Example of how an appraiser applies the checklist (using item 2 from WHOQOLBREF)
Item 2: How satisfied are you with your health?
Step 1: Main meaningful unit = Satisfaction with health
Step 2 & 3: Satisfaction with health = Consistent with ‘Satisfaction of needs (health)’
Step 4: Number of item = 1
  1. The protocol of the application of the checklist is derived from the work of [12]