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Table 5 Nominated Life Areas

From: Individual quality of life in spousal ALS patient-caregiver dyads

Life area/Cue category Sub categories
1 Family Husband/wife, children, grandchildren, siblings, relationship, extended family
2 Friends Friendship, supportive, networks
3 Health/Wellbeing Own health (physical, mental), Other’s health (physical, mental)
4 Finance Financial security, payment for treatment/carers/repairs, benefits
5 Hobbies/Social activities Sports, travel, television, cinema, reading, art, cooking, arts and crafts
6 Work Employment, tasks, colleagues, purpose
7 Existential Hope, respect, freedom, independence, normality, time
8 Faith/Religion Faith, God, spirituality, church
9 Neighbours Local groups, community
10 Other Pets/animals, nature, weather, home, environment, health services