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Table 5 Fit statistics for confirmatory factor analysis of the HHI-K

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric properties of the Herth Hope Index in Kinyarwanda: adapting a positive psychosocial tool for healthcare recipients and providers in the Rwandan setting

Factor 1: Inner sense of temporality and future Factor 2: Inner positive readiness and expectancy Factor 3: Interconnectedness with self and others X2/d.f. X2 RMSEA SRMR CFI TLI
1,2,9,12 3,5,8,10 4,6,7,11 1.53 77.89 0.05 0.05 0.96 0.95
  1. X2/d.f.: normed chi square. X2: chi square. RMSEA: Root Mean Square Error of Approximation. SRMR: standardized root mean square residual. CFI: comparative fit index. TLI: Tucker-Lewis Index