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Table 1 Structure of CHF-PROM

From: A nomogram based on a patient-reported outcomes measure: predicting the risk of readmission for patients with chronic heart failure

Domains Dimensions Variables Num of items Items
Physiology Somatization SOM 8 PHY1-、PHY2-、 ……、PHY7-、PHY8-
Appetite Sleep APS 4 PHY9-、PHY10-、PHY11-、PHY12-
Independence IND 4 PHY13、PHY14、PHY15、PHY16
Psychology Anxiety ANX 8 PSY1-、PSY2-、……PSY7-、PSY8-
Depression DEP 6 PSY9-、PSY10-、……、PSY13-、PSY14-
Fear FEA 3 PSY15-、PSY16-、PSY17-
Paranoia PAR 4 PSY18-、PSY19-、PSY20-、PSY21-
Society Support SUP 5 SOY1、SOY2、SOY3、SOY4、SOY5
Utilization UTI 3 SOY6、SOY7、SOY8
Treatment Compliance COM 2 TRE1、TRE2
Satisfaction SAT 8 TRE3、TRE4、……、TRE9、TRE10
Effect of drug EOD 2 TRE11-、TRE12-
  1. Note: “-” indicates reverse scoring