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Table 1 Reliability of Sinhala version of WHO-5 well-being index

From: Assessing mental well-being in a Sinhala speaking Sri Lankan population: validation of the WHO-5 well-being index

Item Corrected item-total correlation Squared multiple correlation Cronbach’s alpha if item deleted Factor loadings in CFA
I have felt cheerful and in good spirits 0.707 0.541 0.814 0.843
I have felt calm and relaxed 0.748 0.594 0.802 0.893
I have felt active and vigorous 0.635 0.427 0.832 0.725
I woke up feeling fresh and rested 0.640 0.421 0.831 0.557
My daily life has been filled with things that interest me 0.611 0.395 0.838 0.666