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Table 4 Constructive validity of the VISA-PC

From: The adaptation of sport assessment-patella questionnaire into simplified Chinese version: cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validity

Correlation coefficient r VISA-PC
Kujala patellofemoral score
 Total score 0.721**
SF-36 subscales
 Physical Function, PF 0.792**
 Role Physical, RP 0.554**
 Bodily Pain, BP 0.656**
 General Health, GH 0.594**
 Vitality, VT 0.251
 Social Function, SF 0.440**
 Role Emotional, RE 0.237
 Mental Health, MH 0.289**
  1. CH-VISA-P Chinese version of Victorian Institute of Sport Assessment-Patellar Tendinosis questionnaire, SF-36 Short Form 36
  2. **: p<0.001