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Table 3 Characteristics and assessment of content validity papers in DMD samples for measures included in the review

From: Measuring quality of life in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: a systematic review of the content and structural validity of commonly used instruments

PROM Reference Language (Country) DMD sample characteristics COSMIN rating Results (summary)
N Age (years, ±SD) % ambulatory Relevance Comprehensiveness Comprehensibility
LSIA Simon et al. 2017 [56] Brazilian
Portuguese (Brazil)
43 11.4 ± 3.38 Not stated / Doubtful Doubtful The level of comprehension reached via the final Probe technique was 97% for the parent version and 95% for the patient version, which is above the minimum of 85% required.
PedsQL 3.0 NMM Hu et al. 2013 [67] Chinese (China) 56 7.54 ± 4.06 37 children “could climb stairs” Doubtful Doubtful Doubtful Cognitive debriefing was conducted with six children with DMD and their parents to confirm that the final Chinese version was understandable and acceptable.
  1. / = content validity aspect not evaluated. PROM = patient reported outcome measure; COSMIN = COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement INstruments