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Table 4 Associations between communication patterns and burnout: multivariable analysis

From: Investigating the association between physicians self-efficacy regarding communication skills and risk of “burnout”

Variables OR 95% CI P value
Factors associated with high risk of burnout
 Breaking bad news is stressful 3.01 1.26–7.19 0.013
Factors associated with low risk of burnout
 Having a consistent plan for communication 0.43 0.21–0.89 0.023
 Mastering communication skills by using textbooks and scientific literature 0.21 0.05–0.93 0.039
 Self-evaluating communication skills as good or very good 0.32 0.15–0.71 0.005
  1. Shown are only statistically significant associations
  2. Abbreviations: OR Odds Ratio, CI Confidence Interval