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Table 2 Unmet supportive care needs and quality of life scores in all domains(n = 306)

From: Unmet supportive care needs and its relation to quality of life among adult acute leukaemia patients in China: a cross-sectional study

DomainEntryMinMaxMean (SD)M (IQR)
 Physical Well-Being70.0028.0016.35(6.34)17.00(9.00)
 Social/Family Well-Being75.0028.0018.28(5.02)19.00(6.00)
 Emotional Well-Being60.0024.0016.19(4.85)17.00(7.00)
 Functional Well-Being70.0028.0012.53(6.68)13.00(10.00)
 LEUS domain174.0065.0040.62 (11.70)42.00 (15.00)
 Overall QOL4416.00167.00103.97 (26.27)106.00 (32.25)
Unmet SCNs
 Health systems and information needs110.00100.0054.78 (24.60)53.41 (40.91)
 Psychological100.00100.0043.07 (24.24)42.50 (37.50)
 Physical/daily living50.00100.0041.63 (23.35)40.00 (35.00)
 Patient care and support50.0095.0038.35 (22.33)35.00 (35.00)
 Sexuality30.00100.0014.73 (20.4200.00 (25.00)
  1. FACT-LEU Chinese Version of Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Leukemia; The leukemia-specific subscale is called the LEUS domain in this article; Unmet SCNs: The Supportive Care Needs Survey form; QOL Quality of life, SD Standard deviation, M Median, IQR Interquartile range (P75-P25)