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Table 3 Regression coefficients (R) and significance (p) for dizziness only (DO) and quantified balance deficit (QBD) groups between measures of psychometric state (BSI), balance deficit (BCI), impaired quality of life, and state of health when regressed with DHI scores. ns stands for not significant (p > 0.05). The regression coefficients are for a regression of a single secondary score measure and the DHI score. The measures in bold text and highlighted grey are those measures which entered the multi-variable regressions shown in the lower and upper parts of Figs. 3 and 4. The BCI score was not used for the multivariate regression as there was no significant correlation to the DHI score for both the DO and QBD groups. All other measures depicted in the table could enter the multi-variable regression

From: Relation of anxiety and other psychometric measures, balance deficits, impaired quality of life, and perceived state of health to dizziness handicap inventory scores for patients with dizziness