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Table 4 Statistically significant effects of two-way interactions between adolescents’ social and clinical characteristics and OIDP (cluster adjusted), odds ratios (OR) ad 95% confidence interval (CI)

From: Oral impacts on daily performances and its socio-demographic and clinical distribution: a cross-sectional study of adolescents living in Maasai population areas, Tanzania

Variable Step 2 OR (95% CI)
Ethnicity x age
 Maasai × 12–14 years 1
 Non Maasai × 15–17 years 4.4 (1.7–11.3)b
Ethnicity x DMFT
 Maasai x DMFT = 0 1
 Non Maasai x DMFT> 0 4.6 (2.1–10.0)b
Ethnicity x TMD pain
 Maasai x 2Q/TMDa = 0 1
 Non-Maasai x 2Q/TMD > 0 8.0 (3.6–17.8)b
  1. a2Q/TMD Two epidemiological questions regarding TMD pain
  2. bStatistically significant