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Table 3 Order (by size of loadings) in which ThALI statements contribute to Factors (sub-scales)

From: Development of the Thalassaemia Adult Life Index (ThALI)

Factor 1
Factor 2
Factor 3
Factor 4
Factor 5
Tired0.86Frust.0.88Shortened body0.78Rejected0.86Mobility0.88
Run down0.85Angry0.84Short in height0.77Penalised0.79Lifting0.87
Energy0.78Irritable0.82Look younger than peers0.66Social life affected0.79Walking0.86
Needed Rest0.74Emotional0.81Conscious of being different to others0.66Unable to form relationships0.56Most things difficult (gen)0.82
Stamina0.73Anxious0.81Pale complexion0.58Limited leisure activities0.53Bending0.82
Aches/pains0.67Stressed0.80Inferior0.58Family life restrictions0.51Struggle with life routine0.77
Dizzy0.66Worried0.80Self-confidence0.53Short with family0.41Doing chores0.73
  1. General physical health (GPH); Coping (C); Body image, appearance and confidence (BIAC); Social relationships (SR); Autonomy (A)