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Table 2 Themes and Health Impact Statement Organisation

From: Development of the Thalassaemia Adult Life Index (ThALI)

Scale categoryFacets incorporated within domains (themes emerged during the extraction process)Definition of scale category
General physical health (GPH)- Overall QoL and general healthSelf-evaluation of personal physical health status
- Energy, fatigue/tiredness
- Pain and discomfort
- Sleep
Autonomy (A)- MobilitySelf-evaluation of feelings of dependency and control in usual physical role activities
- Achievements/normality
- Education and work
- Activities of daily living
Coping (C)- Feelings/emotionsSelf-evaluation of psychological upset and/or well-being in relation to purpose drive coping.
- Thinking and
- Planning ahead
Body image, appearance and confidence (BIAC)- Bodily imageSelf-evaluation and feelings about physical self
- Self-esteem and confidence
Social relationships (SR)- Relationships and support networkSelf-evaluation of limitations in social activities from physical and emotional difficulties.
- Leisure/social activities
- Stigma