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Table 2 Estimates of Item Difficulty, Standard Error, Mean-Square Fit Statistics, Item–Total Correlations, and Topical Area of the Modified Family Centered Care Assessment Tool

From: Family-centeredness of childhood obesity interventions: psychometrics & outcomes of the family-centered care assessment tool

Item #My child’s health care provider/ health coach …Item DifficultyStandard Error of Item ScoreInfit Mean-Square ValueOutfit Mean-Square ValueItem Total CorrelationTopical Area
4aTakes enough time to address my concerns−
7Talks with me about my child’s overall health and well-being− Promotion
1Talks with me using words I understand−0.930.
2Supports me in the role that I want to take−0.890.030.950.740.59Decision Making
12Recognizes my strengths in caring for my child−0.760.040.990.900.61Strength-Based
10Considers my schedule before making appointments or phone calls−0.620.041.351.420.51Practice Structure
8aHas a way to help find information and resources−0.510.040.650.420.75Future Promotion
3Decides together on goals−0.440.050.880.810.69Decision Making
13Works with me to adjust our plan−0.360.050.690.470.76Family Support
6Works with me to plan when there are big changes−0.330.050.891.160.71Future Promotion
11Asks me what is working well−
23aTalks with me about my child’s social and emotional wellbeing− Promotion
9Offers ways to provide support where my child usually spends time− Structure
5Talks with me about how decisions will affect my family− Making
15Asks about issues that affect the well-being of my family− Support
14Asks me about health or emotional stresses I have0. Support
24aHelps me plan when changes in my child’s routine are needed0.140.040.850.870.71Family Support
19Has a way to help me make contact with community resources0.230.060.930.810.73Care Coordination
22aAsks me about where I turn to for support0.540.050.970.950.68Family Support
17Asks about my family’s beliefs and practices0.700. Competence
21Gives me information to help other people understand0.850. Support
18Asks if we want to integrate alternative practices into plans0.890.071.050.970.66Cultural Competence
16Asks if I would like other community members to help make decisions1. Competence
20Has a way to connect me with other families1.100.081.361.320.59Family Support
  1. Items with a represent questions that were modified from the original scale