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Table 3 The 15 items included in the VFS (Visual Function Scale [48]) plus the additional four items that were employed in the final instrument, the VFS-plus. Original NEI VFQ-39 [42] item numbers are shown

From: Validation of a vision-related activity scale for patients with retinitis pigmentosa

VFS-plus item numberItem descriptionNEI VFQ-39 number
2Read ordinary print in newspapers5
3See well up close6
4Find something on a crowded shelf7
5Read street signs or the names of stores8
6Going down steps, stairs, or curbs in dim light or at night9
7Notice objects off to the side while walking10
8Pick and match own clothes12
9Go out to see movies, plays, or sports events14
10Read small print in a telephone book, on a medicine bottle, or on legal formsA3
11Figure out whether bills received are accurateA4
12Doing things like shaving, styling hair, or putting on makeupA5
13Recognize people across a roomA6
14Take part in active sports or other outdoor activitiesA7
15See and enjoy programs on TVA8
16Driving in familiar places15
17Driving during daytime15c
18Driving at night16
19Driving in difficult conditions16a