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Table 2 Association between OHIP-14 domains and diabetes status

From: Oral health status and oral health-related quality of life among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in the United Arab Emirates: a matched case-control study

Mean (SD)
Mean (SD)
Functional Limitations (trouble pronouncing words/worsened taste)1.2 (1.6)1.5 (1.4)0.2
Physical Disability (interrupted meals/poor diet)2.6 (1.9)2.7 (1.8)0.6
Physical Pain (oral pain/discomfort while eating)2.4 (2.0)2.5 (2.1)0.6
Psychological Discomfort (feeling tense/self- conscious)2.0 (1.9)2.2 (1.9)0.72
Psychological Disability (difficulty relaxing/embarrassment)1.7 (1.7)1.9 (1.7)0.38
Social Disability (irritability/difficulty doing usual jobs)1.2 (1.4)1.5 (1.6)0.17
Handicap (life less satisfying/inability to function)1.4 (1.5)1.3 (1.6)0.63
Total OHIP12.4 (9.5)13.7 (9.7)0.37
  1. *Based on independent t-test; OHIP Oral Health Impact Profile