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Table 4 The moderating effect of a sense of belonging in the host city on the relationship between social integration and life satisfaction (n = 15,990)

From: The effects of social integration and hometown identity on the life satisfaction of Chinese rural migrants: the mediating and moderating effects of a sense of belonging in the host city

VariableLife satisfaction
BStandard error
(Log) Social integration−0.19100.3428
(Log) Hometown identity0.02270.3035
(Log) Sense of belonging−0.8552***0.2495
(Log) Social integration × (Log) Hometown identity−0.06160.1070
(Log) Hometown identity × (Log) Sense of belonging0.10380.0669
(Log) Social integration × (Log) Sense of belonging0.2119***0.0523
Control variables
 Gender (ref: female)0.0238***0.0053
 Self-rated physical health0.0557***0.0027
  (Log) Total household monthly income0.0732***0.0048
 Homeowner (ref: no)0.0535***0.0094
Occupation (ref: service or manufacturing)
 Administration, management, professional or technician−0.00560.0102
 Civil service, clerical or self-employed0.0225***0.0074
Education (ref: junior high school or less)
 Senior high school−0.0184***0.0062
 College or more−0.0357***0.0080
Length of residence0.000040.0006
Hours per day spent working during the past month−0.0052***0.0012
R2 = 0.096Adj. R2 = 0.095Log likelihood = − 4504.5677
  1. * = p < .10, ** = p < .05, *** = p < .01