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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of the variables used in the analysis (n = 15,990)

From: The effects of social integration and hometown identity on the life satisfaction of Chinese rural migrants: the mediating and moderating effects of a sense of belonging in the host city

VariablesMean (SD) / Percentage
Life satisfaction (rang: 5–35)21.85 (6.25)
Social integration (range: 10–40)33.47 (4.31)
Sense of hometown identity (range: 8–40)23.79 (4.09)
Sense of belonging in the host city (range: 3–12)9.63 (1.86)
Age (in years) (range: 15–60)32.69 (8.72)
Gender (%)
Self-rated physical health (range: 1–5)3.76 (0.97)
Total household monthly income (CNY)6433.49 (7052.23)
Homeownership in the host city (%)
Occupation (%)
 Service or manufacturing66.91
 Administration, management, professional, or technician7.75
 Civil service, clerical, or self-employed15.76
Education (%)
 Junior high school or less59.95
 Senior high school25.32
 College or more14.73
Length of residence in the host city (in years) (1–42)5.26 (4.43)
Hours per day spent on work in last month (in hours) (0–16)8.85 (2.78)