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Table 1 Overview of KIDSCREEN-52, a short description [33]

From: Health-related quality of life among 13–14 year old adolescents with overweight−a mixed methods approach

  KIDSCREEN scales No. of items Short descriptions
1. Physical well-being 5 Level of physical activity, energy, fitness and health
2. Psychological well-being 6 Positive and negative emotions, life satisfaction and optimism
3. Mood 7 Degree of depressive moods and stressful feelings
4. Self-perception 5 Positive or negative bodily appearance, through questions about satisfaction with looks, clothes and accessories
5. Autonomy 5 Freedom of choice and opportunities to create social and leisure time
6. Parent relation and home life 6 Relationships with parents and home atmosphere
7. Financial resources 3 Perceived quality of financial resources
8. Social support and peers 6 Social relations with other adolescents
9. School environment 6 Perceptions of cognitive capacity, feelings about school
10. Social acceptance (bullying) 3 Aspects of feeling rejected by peers in school