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Table 4 Multivariate models for response shift based on the EQ-5D-3 L summary score

From: Conventional and retrospective change in health-related quality of life of trauma patients: an explorative observational follow-up study

 Initial model Final model 
Unstandardized Bp-valueUnstandardized Bp-value
Constant− 0.0390.603−0.049 
Agea< 0.0010.750  
Sex (male/female)−0.0250.387  
Education (dichotomized)0.0370.201  
Comorbidity (no/yes)0.0020.945  
TBI (no/yes)−0.0390.200  
F value1.400.205.830.016
Adjusted R-square0.006 0.010 
  1. a Continuous variables