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Table 3 Pearson correlation coefficient (r) between each low back pain scales

From: A comparison between the low back pain scales for patients with lumbar disc herniation: validity, reliability, and responsiveness

Scales Q1 Low back pain Q2 Lumbar function Q3 Walking ability Q4 Social life function Q5 Mental health NPRS ODI RMDQ SF-36 PCS SF-36 MCS
 Q1 Low back pain 1 0.556a 0.523a 0.580a 0.496a −0.415a −0.537a − 0.627a 0.659a 0.517a
 Q2 Lumbar function 0.556a 1 0.569a 0.679a 0.556a − 0.429a − 0.634a − 0.751a 0.701a 0.553a
 Q3 Walking ability 0.523a 0.569a 1 0.736a 0.535a −0.426a − 0.701a − 0.725a 0.604a 0.536a
 Q4 Social life function 0.580a 0.679a 0.736a 1 0.630a −0.457a − 0.715a − 0.724a 0.730a 0.636a
 Q5 Mental health 0.496a 0.556a 0.535a 0.630a 1 −0.388a − 0.587a − 0.597a 0.724a 0.736a
NPRS −0.415a −0.429a − 0.426a −0.457a − 0.388a 1 0.449a 0.485a −0.519a −0.413a
ODI −0.537a −0.634a − 0.725a −0.715a − 0.587a 0.449a 1 0.736a −0.682a −0.601a
RMDQ −0.627a −0.752a − 0.701a −0.724a − 0.597a 0.485a 0.736a 1 −0.764a −0.614a
SF-36 PCS 0.659a 0.701a 0.604a 0.730a 0.724a −0.519a −0.682a − 0.764a 1 0.779a
SF-36 MCS 0.517a 0.553a 0.536a 0.636a 0.736a −0.413a −0.601a − 0.614a 0.770a 1
  1. JOABPEQ Japanese Orthopaedic Association Back Pain Evaluation Questionnaire, NPRS Numerical Pain Rating Scale, ODI Oswestry Disability Index, RMDQ Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire, SF-36 Short Form Health Survey, PCS Physical Component Summary score, MCS Mental Component Summary score
  2. According to Cohen’s criteria, r = 0.2 can be considered a small correlation, r = 0.5 is a medium correlation, and r = 0.8 is a large correlation
  3. Notes
  4. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)