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Table 1 Characteristics of study sample

From: Health-related quality of life among Jewish older persons in Mexico and its determinants

N = 295% or Mean (SD)
Age mean (SD)72.7 (7.9)
Age group
 60–69 years41.3
 70–79 years36.5
 80+ years22.2
Marital status
 Married/ Partnered67.4
Living arrangements
 Living alone18.4
 Respondent and 1 additional household member51.9
 Respondent and 2 or more household members29.7
Place of Birth
 Another country21.0
Years of schooling13.1 (4.3)
Main ocupation
Self-reported financial situation
 Very good18.8
Frequency of contact with family or close friends in past week
 More than 537.1
Number of chronic diseases
  1. SD standard deviation