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Table 3 Association of all EQ-5D-5L domains (5 level score) with POSAS pain and itching (1–10 score) in terms of Spearman’s rank correlation

From: Exploring the relation between the EQ-5D-5L pain/discomfort and pain and itching in a sample of burn patients

  Other EQ-5D-5L domains
Pain/ discomfortMobilitySelf-careUsual activitiesAnxiety/ depression
All (n = 245)
 POSAS pain0.468*0.153*0.0990.359*0.174*
 POSAS itch0.473*0.0580.0960.301*0.192*
Subgroup POSAS pain, no itching (n = 10)
 POSAS pain0.5850.041NA0.2080.609
Subgroup POSAS itching, no pain (n = 65)
 POSAS itch0.408*0.0300.2350.303*0.256*
Subgroup with comorbidity (n = 62)
 POSAS pain0.453*0.0190.1060.272*0.206
 POSAS itch0.472*−0.0250.1410.2350.243
Subgroup without comorbidity (n = 183)
 POSAS pain0.451*0.196*0.0470.374*0.131
 POSAS itch0.481*0.0950.0470.336*0.174*
  1. *p < 0.05 for the correlation, based on Spearman’s correlation coefficient