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Table 6 Mean difference in SGRQ-CM scores between patients at different levels of disease severity

From: Validation and clinical interpretation of the St George’s respiratory questionnaire for COPD (SGRQ-C) after adaptation to Malaysian language and culture, in patients with COPD

 Activity SubscaleImpact SubscaleSGRQ-CM Total Score
Mean Difference (95% CI)Effect Sizep valueMean Difference (95% CI)Effect Sizep valueMean Difference (95% CI)Effect Sizep value
GOLD Classification
 IV vs III9.35 (0.05–18.64)0.340.0412.04 (1.45–22.63)0.450.0210.78 (1.38–20.17)0.370.02
 III vs II9.51 (2.58–16.43)0.33< 0.018.91 (1.02–16.79)0.310.008.26 (1.27–15.26)0.28< 0.01
mMRC Dyspnea grade
 IV vs III14.58 (9.33–19.83)0.58< 0.0015.07 (2.54–12.67)0.370.198.59 (2.59–14.59)0.43< 0.01
 III vs II8.89 (3.39–14.39)0.39< 0.0110.57 (2.60–18.54)0.490.019.86 (3.57–16.15)0.46< 0.01
  1. GOLD Global Initiative for Obstructive Lungs disease; GOLD II, FEV1 50 to 80% predicted; GOLD III, FEV1 30 to 50% predicted; GOLD IV, FEV1 < 30% predicted; mMRC modified medical research council dyspnea scale; SGRQ-CM, Malaysian version of St George’s Respiratory COPD specific Questionnaire