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Table 2 Exploratory factor Loadings for the Malaysian version of St George Respiratory COPD specific questionnaire (SGRQ-CM)

From: Validation and clinical interpretation of the St George’s respiratory questionnaire for COPD (SGRQ-C) after adaptation to Malaysian language and culture, in patients with COPD

 Explanatory Factor Analysis (EFA)Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)
Q1: I cough 0.536  0.663 
Q2: Phlegm was expelled when I cough0.4140.577  0.712 
Q3: I have shortness of breath0.3760.473  0.538 
Q4: I have attacks of wheezing 0.450  0.604 
Q5: How many attacks of chest problem did you have during the last year? 0.640  0.728 
Q6: How often do you have good days (with not many chest problems)? 0.5170.470 0.571 
Q7: If you experience wheezing, is it worse in the morning?  −0.510 0.412 
Q9.1: Make you feel breathless getting washed or dressed0.700  0.839  
Q9.2: Make you feel breathless walking around the home0.473  0.555  
Q9.3: Make you feel breathless walking outside on flat ground0.329  0.416  
Q9.4: Make you feel breathless walking up a flight of stairs 0.540 0.424  
Q9.5: Make you feel breathless walking up hills0.5680.383 0.642  
Q12.1: I take a long time to take a bath or put on clothes0.284  0.410  
Q12.2: I cannot take a bath or shower, or I take a long time0.371  0.524  
Q12.3: I walk slower than other people, or I stop for rests0.4880.443 0.519  
Q12.4: Jobs such as housework take a long time, or I have to stop for rests0.621  0.765  
Q12.5: If I walk up one flight of stairs, I have to go slowly or stop0.517  0.561  
Q12.6: If I hurry or walk fast, I have to stop or slow down0.352  0.434  
Q12.7: My breathing makes it difficult to do things such as walk up hills, carrying things upstairs, light gardening such as weeding, dance, play bowling or play golf____________
Q12.8: My breathing makes it difficult to do things such as carry heavy stuff, dig the garden or gardening, jog or walk at 5 miles per hour, play tennis or swim0.487  0.559  
Q8: How would you describe your chest condition? 0.477   0.398
Q10.1: My cough hurts  0.534  0.568
Q10.2: My cough makes me tired  0.516  0.587
Q10.3: I am breathless when I talk  0.384  0.454
Q10.4: I am breathless when I bend over  0.270  0.416
Q10.5: My cough or breathing disturbs my sleep  0.451  0.632
Q10.6: I get exhausted easily 0.3750.510  0.563
Q11.1: My cough or breathing is embarrassing in public  0.514  0.538
Q11.2: My chest problem is a nuisance to my family, friends or neighbors  0.302  0.464
Q11.3: I get scared or panic when I cannot breathe  0.289  0.408
Q11.4: I feel that I am not in control of my chest problem 0.533   0.434
Q11.5: I have become weak or an invalid due to my chest problems0.364 0.565  0.731
Q11.6: Exercise is not safe for me  0.445  0.508
Q11.7: Everything seems too much of an effort  0.615  0.663
Q13.1: I cannot play sports or games  0.380  0.512
Q13.2: I cannot go out for entertainment or recreation  0.343  0.459
Q13.3: I cannot go out of the house to do the shopping 0.486   0.429
Q13.4: I cannot do housework  0.497  0.624
Q13.5: I cannot move far from my bed or chair  0.360  0.439
Q14: How does your chest problem affect you? −0.659−0.299  0.568
  1. __Removed item due to factor cross loading