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Table 3 Mean scores at test and retest follow-up, test-retest reliability and MDC values (n = 77)

From: Polish adaptation and validation of the hip disability and osteoarthritis outcome score (HOOS) in osteoarthritis patients undergoing total hip replacement

HOOS subscales (number of items)Mean HOOS score (SD)ICC (95% CI)SEMMinimal detectable change (95% CI)
in individuals
Minimal detectable change (95% CI) in group
First follow-up assessmentSecond follow-up assessment
THR, n = 77
 Pain (10)79.2 (19.4)78.6 (21.6)0.82 (0.72–0.88)9.4626.23.0
 Symptoms (5)78.2 (19.5)78.4 (18.7)0.92 (0.88–0.95)5.4115.01.7
 ADL (17)75.6 (21.2)75.8 (21.1)0.96 (0.94–0.97)4.3212.01.4
 Sport/recreation (4)56.5 (29.8)57.8 (29.8)0.91 (0.87–0.94)8.8224.42.8
 QOL (4)64.4 (24.4)64.5 (23.0)0.91 (0.87–0.94)7.0019.42.2
  1. mean scores in the HOOS subscales (0 to 100, worst to best scale) are given at test (first follow-up) and retest (second follow-up) assessment one to 2 weeks apart. Test-retest reliability is presented as ICC values. MDC of HOOS subscales is presented for individuals and groups one year after primary THR
  2. Abbreviations: MDC minimal detectable change, THR total hip replacement, ICC intraclass correlation coefficient, SEM standard error of measurement, CI confidence interval, ADL activities of daily living, QOL quality of life