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Table 5 Quality of life according to demographic and clinical factors on (multivariate analysis)

From: Quality of life during chemotherapy, hormonotherapy or antiHER2 therapy of patients with advanced, metastatic breast cancer in clinical practice

VariableRisk ratio (95%Cl)p
ECOG performance status1,35 (1,15-1,55)0,01
Target therapy addition0,91 (0,75-1,07)0,19
Age1,03 (0,90-1,16)0,22
Education1,05 (0,90-1,20)0,37
Smoking status0,95 (0,88-1,03)0,09
Response to treatment0,78 (0,68-0,88)< 0,01
Chemotherapy/hormone therapy1,20 (1,10-1,31)< 0,01