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Table 4 QLQ-BR23 questionnaire results

From: Quality of life during chemotherapy, hormonotherapy or antiHER2 therapy of patients with advanced, metastatic breast cancer in clinical practice

QLQ-BR-23Before treatmentAfter treatment
AverageStandard deviationMedianAverageStandard deviationMedian
Performance scalesa
 Body image64,7131,5565,6062,1528,7863,33
 Sexual performance12,8017,0913,3315,2016,2216,66
 Sexual satisfaction44,4221,9640,2540,9826,1542,58
 Future prospects31,7632,1536,2533,6524,4435,78
Symptom scalesb
Adverse reactions to treatment11,9318,2013,6634,5819,2535,55
  Breast- related symptoms21,9321,6817,9819,8017,7720,17
  Arm- related symptoms21,9812,9922,5520,5513,6722,41
Hair loss14,8410,3013,3335,419,2536,66
  1. The significant differences in bold
  2. a A higher score indicates a better level of functioning and quality of life; min. 0, max. 100
  3. b A higher value indicates more severe symptoms; min. 0, max. 100