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Table 4 Associations of the Short Form – 36 with sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of localized scleroderma patients

From: Health-related quality of life and its influencing factors in adult patients with localized scleroderma - a cross-sectional study

Possible factorStatistical testPCSMCS
Age at surveySpearman rank correlation−0.430.0050.060.70
Age at disease onset (years)−0.340.0320.160.33
Disease uration (years)−0.240.13−0.130.44
Body surface area affected by LoS−
LoSCAT summary score−0.330.0370.190.25
GenderU Mann-Whitney102.00.6575.00.15
Comorbid medical conditions209.00.56206.50.61
Musculoskeletal manifestations97.00.03074.00.36
Marital status4.880.302.610.63
Activity of the disease1.050.795.920.12
  1. MCS mental component summary, PCS physical component summary
  2. The result of Spearman correlation test is r. The result of U Mann-Whitney test is U-statistics and of the Kruskal-Wallis is chi-square