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Table 4 Factor analysis of Oxford ankle foot questionnaire

From: Transcultural adaptation and validation of a Korean version of the Oxford Ankle Foot Questionnaire for children

ItemsFactor loading
Component 1Component 2Component 3Component 1Component 2Component 3
Physical 10.810.260.140.840.100.24
Physical 20.610.560.110.720.080.48
Physical 30.700.120.300.770.200.30
Physical 40.740.180.130.770.160.19
Physical 50.770.240.090.730.170.25
Physical 60.660.050.340.690.370.08
Emotional 10.160.900.080.310.120.86
Emotional 20.180.900.080.310.110.87
Emotional 30.160.830.
Emotional 40.280.600.160.210.340.53
School & play
School & play
School & play
School & play
Foot wear0.120.030.520.090.520.18
  1. Bold numbers represent the most appropriate components responding to each item