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Table 1 Participant demographics and clinical data

From: Modelling disease course in amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis: pseudo-longitudinal insights from cross-sectional health-related quality of life data

Continuous VariablesMeanSD
Disease duration in months2320
Disease severity
• D5036.024.0
• ALSFRS-R total34.88.6
• ALSFRS-R bulbar (1–3)8.63.4
• ALSFRS-R cervical (4–6)6.83.7
• ALSFRS-R lumbar (7–9)6.53.7
• ALSFRS-R thoracic (10–12)9.82.5
Health-related Quality of Life
• ALSAQ-40  
• ALSAQ-40 Mobility40.330.1
• ALSAQ-40 Activities of daily living44.031.6
• ALSAQ-40 Eating24.429.6
• ALSAQ-40 Communication43.236.2
• ALSAQ-40 Emotional well-being34.623.1
Categorical Variablesn%
 Limb onset10464.6
 Bulbar onset5735.4
rD50-derived Disease Phase