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Table 5 Independent predictors of QOL using multiple linear regression

From: Health related quality of life in chronic kidney disease; a descriptive study in a rural Sri Lankan community affected by chronic kidney disease

 Kidney Component Summary ScorePhysical Component Summary ScoreMental Component Summary Score
Beta coefficient95% CIBeta coefficient95% CIBeta coefficient95% CI
Age0.02−0.02 to 0.059−0.005− 0.08 to 0.07NA 
 MaleNA NA NA 
 FemaleNA NA NA 
Education level0.52a0.08 to 0.950.632−0.22 to 1.490.84a0.16 to 1.53
 Employed1.27a0.30 to 2.231.94a0.05 to 3.831.04−0.45 to 2.53
 Not employed1 1 1 
Income (in thousands)0.05−0.08 to 0.070.15a0.03 to 0.270.12a0.03 to 0.22
 Present−0.38−1.27 to 0.52NA NA 
 Absent1 NA NA 
CKD stage−1.38a−1.92 to −0.82−6.37a−7.46 to −5.28−6.31a−7.19 to −5.44
 Positive−5.31a−6.25 to −4.37−2.16a−4.01 to −0.31−3.35a−4.8 to − 1.8
 Negative1 1 1 
Psychological distress
 Positive−3.31a−4.34 to −2.28−9.30a−11.3 to − 7.2− 6.02a− 7.6 to −4.3
 Negative1 1 1 
Symptom burdenNA 0.06a0.02 to 0.10NA 
  1. aSignificant at the 0.05 level
  2. NA – The variable is not significant in the univariate linear regression, thus not included in the multiple linear regression