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Table 3 Goodness of fit results from validation analysis

From: Mapping the Minnesota living with heart failure questionnaire (MLHFQ) to EQ-5D-5L in patients with heart failure

 Validation method (3-fold)
Pooled sample (N = 141)
Mean utilityRMSEMAEAb
diff < 0.03
diff < 0.05
Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Indirect mapping
  1. Dependant variable: EQ-5D-5 L utility score; Independent variables: Model 1 - MLHF total score; Model 2 – MLHF domain scores; Model 3 – MLHF item scores (Item 04, 17 and 21).
  2. Abs diff. < 0.03 (0.05)% - proportion of predicted utilities whose absolute values deviate from the mean of the observed utility values by less than 0.03 (0.05); RMSE – Root Mean Square Error; MAE – Mean Absolute Error.
  3. OLS - Ordinary least square; GLM - Generalized linear modelling; CLAD - Censored least absolute deviations; MFP - Multivariable fractional polynomials; MM - Robust MM estimator; BETA - Mixture beta regression model; OLOGIT ordered logit (indirect response mapping).