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Table 3 Association between each component of PSQI and physical health domain of WHOQOL-BREF

From: Association between sleep quality and domains of quality of life amongst patients with first episode psychosis

Component of PSQIBStandard ErrorP value95% Confidence Interval
Lower BoundUpper Bound
Subjective sleep quality− 0.9130.220< 0.001*− 1.348- 0.479
Sleep latency− 0.1650.1640.315− 0.4890.158
Sleep duration−0.1510.1610.351−0.4690.167
Habitual sleep efficiency0.1210.1580.445−0.1910.433
Sleep disturbances−0.0600.2210.787−0.4970.377
Use of sleeping medicine−0.0760.1160.513−0.3050.153
Daytime Dysfunction−0.8630.177< 0.001*−1.212− 0.513
  1. PSQI Pittsburg sleep quality index, WHOQOL-BREF World Health Organization Quality of Life - BREF
  2. *P value < 0.05