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Table 6 Distribution (%, n) of reported problems in the EQ-5D-Y-5L dimensions, EQ VAS mean score (SD) and EQ VAS median score, by answer to the self-rated health question

From: EQ-5D-Y-5L as a patient-reported outcome measure in psychiatric inpatient care for children and adolescents – a cross-sectional study

 Self-rated health 
Very good/good/neither good or badBad/very bad
EQ-5D-Y-5L dimensionsn = 17n = 35 
Mobility (walking about)
 No problems771371250.958a
 A little bit of problems122269 
 Some problems12200 
 A lot of problems0031 
Looking after myself
 No problems591049170.954a
 A little bit of problems2444315 
 Some problems18393 
 A lot of problems0000 
Doing usual activities
 No problems183930.184a
 A little bit of problems00114 
 Some problems59103111 
 A lot of problems1832910 
Having pain or discomfort
 No pain or discomfort5391450.026a
 A little pain or discomfort2444014 
 Some pain or discomfort122269 
 A lot of pain or discomfort122145 
 Extreme pain or discomfort0062 
Feeling worried, sad or unhappy
 Not worried, sad or unhappy61620.005a
 A little worried, sad or unhappy18331 
 Rather worried, sad or unhappy478114 
 Really worried, sad or unhappy2444917 
 Extremely worried, sad or unhappy613111 
 n = 17n = 34 
EQ VAS mean (SD)45.8 (17.7)20.8 (14.5)0.000b
EQ VAS median5020 
  1. ap-value by Chi-square test for trend
  2. bp-value by Mann-Whitney U test