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Table 4 Distribution (%, n) of reported problems in the EQ-5D-Y-5L dimensions, EQ VAS mean score (SD) and EQ VAS median score by diagnosis group

From: EQ-5D-Y-5L as a patient-reported outcome measure in psychiatric inpatient care for children and adolescents – a cross-sectional study

 Bipolar affective disorder (F31)Depressive episode/recurrent depressive disorder (F32–33)Other anxiety disorder (F41)Reaction to severe stress/ adjustment disorders (F43)OtherbObservation for suspected mental and behavioural disorders (Z03.2)
n = 6n = 15n = 13n = 6n = 7n = 5
EQ-5D-Y-5L dimensions%n%n%n%n%n%n
Mobility (walking about)
 No problems83567105478358661005
 A little bit of problems0033531417114100
 Some problems1710081000000
 A lot of problems000081000000
Looking after myself
 No problems503406395674715804
 A little bit of problems332477395332272201
 Some problems171132233000000
 A lot of problems000000000000
Doing usual activities
 No problems1717181171141201
 A little bit of problems00718100141201
 Some problems674335466503292201
 A lot of problems171406152171292201
Having pain or discomfort
 No pain or discomfort67427481332141402
 A little pain or discomfort171335547503141201
 Some pain or discomfort0033581171292402
 A lot of pain or discomfort171712330029200
 Extreme pain or discomfort0000810014100
Feeling worried, sad or unhappy
 Not worried, sad or unhappy17100000029200
 A little worried, sad or unhappy00711520014100
 Rather worried, sad or unhappy33200152503292603
 Really worried, sad or unhappy332871331417114100
 Extremely worried, sad or unhappy17171395332141402
EQ VAS mean (SD)28.3 (27.7)28.2 (14.4)23.5 (15.8)b42.5 (23.2)23.1 (15.1)39.0 (28.6)
EQ VAS median30302147.52235
  1. aOther = Mental and behavioural disorders due to multiple drug use and use of other psychoactive substances: harmful use (F19.1); unspecified nonorganic psychosis (F29.9); sleep disorder – unspecified (G47.9); eating disorder, unspecified (F50.9); problems in relationship with parents and in-laws (Z63.1)
  2. bn = 12