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Table 1 Patient Activation Measure- 13 items and mean scores of responses

From: Is the Patient Activation Measure a valid measure of osteoarthritis self-management attitudes and capabilities? Results of a Rasch analysis

PAM-13 itemsNMeana (SD)
1. When all is said and done, I am the person who is responsible for taking care of my health2173.4 (0.73)
2. Taking an active role in my own health care is the most important thing that affects my health2173.4 (0.77)
3. I am confident I can help prevent or reduce problems associated with my health2173.3 (0.77)
4. I know what each of my prescribed medications do2003.3 (0.70)
5. I am confident that I can tell whether I need to go to the doctor or whether I can take care of a health problem myself2153.2 (0.70)
6. I am confident that I can tell a doctor concerns I have even when he or she does not ask2173.3 (0.65)
7. I am confident that I can follow through on medical treatments I may need to do at home2163.2 (0.67)
8. I understand my health problems and what causes them2153.1 (0.71)
9. I know what treatments are available for my health problems2122.8 (0.75)
10. I have been able to maintain (keep up with) lifestyle changes, like eating right or exercising2102.8 (0.70)
11. I know how to prevent problems with my health2082.6 (0.70)
12. I am confident I can figure out solutions when new problems arise with my health2122.8 (0.70)
13. I am confident that I can maintain lifestyle changes, like eating right and exercising, even during times of stress2162.8 (0.70)
  1. aPAM items are scored using “Totally Disagree” = 1, “Disagree” = 2, “Agree” = 3, “Totally Agree” = 4