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Table 1 Characteristics of the SMILE and FS-LASIK Groups

From: Quality of life impact of refractive correction (QIRC) results three years after SMILE and FS-LASIK

 Entire cohort (n = 188) Propensity score-matched cohort (n = 98) 
CharacteristicsSMILE Group (n = 97)FS-LASIK Group (n = 91)PSMILE Group (n = 49)FS-LASIK Group (n = 49)P
Age (years)29.866.1630.476.250.40731.055.8130.006.160.542
Preoperative SE (OD) (D)−6.531.83−7.992.52< 0.001− 6.991.95−
Preoperative SE (OS) (D)−5.991.92−8.152.50< 0.001−6.761.96−6.972.530.939
Postoperative SE (OD) (D)−0.220.56− 0.510.960.024−0.270.68− 0.270.500.457
Postoperative SE (OS) (D)−0.180.58−0.531.050.205−0.250.67−0.230.530.555
Lenticule diameter (OD) (mm)6.460.156.380.290.0576.450.166.410.280.452
Lenticule diameter (OS) (mm)6.460.156.380.290.1046.450.166.420.270.696
  1. SMILE small incision lenticule extraction, FS-LASIK femtosecond laser-assisted LASIK, D diopter