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Table 5 Summary of the factor extraction measures used in exploratory factor analysis of the Migraine Screen-Questionnaire (MS-Q) scores in Ethiopian university students

From: Migraine screen questionnaire: further psychometric evidence from categorical data methods

Number of FactorsEigenvalueCumulative VAbAbove point of inflection on Scree plotPA based on minimum rankDecision to extract
Real-data VEbMean of random VEb95th percentile of random VEbKaiser’s criteria (Eigenvalue≥1)Cumulative VE rule (> 40%)Scree testPA 95th percentile of random VE > Real-data VE
30.40908.185No   ΧΧΧΧ
  1. a indicates extraction criteria fulfilled, Χ indicates otherwise
  2. b Values in percentage; VE Variance Explained, PA Parallel analysis