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Table 3 Multivariate descriptive, sample size adequacy, quality and effectiveness of factor score, construct replicability and reliability measures of the Migraine Screen-Questionnaire (MS-Q) scores in Ethiopian university students

From: Migraine screen questionnaire: further psychometric evidence from categorical data methods

Multivariate descriptive
 Mardia’s skewnessΧ2(df = 35) = 271.190, p = 1.00
 Mardia’s kurtosisΧ2 = 0.513, p = 0.3038
Quality and effectiveness of factor score estimatesa
 Factor Determinacy Index (FDI)0.953
 expected a posteriori marginal reliability0.909
Construct replicabilitya
Sample size adequacy
 Bartlett’s test of SphericityΧ2(df = 10) = 430.3, p < 0.001
 KMO (95% confidence interval)0.804 (0.770–0.845)
Internal consistency
 Greatest Lower Bound to Reliability0.932
 McDonald’s Omega0.903
  1. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Test of Sampling Adequacy (KMO)
  2. a For the 1-Factor structure of the MS-Q