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Table 2 Univariate descriptive statistics, closeness to dimensionality measures, communality and factor loadings of the Migraine Screen-Questionnaire (MS-Q) scores in Ethiopian university students

From: Migraine screen questionnaire: further psychometric evidence from categorical data methods

Items of the MS-QSkewnesskurtosisItem-total CorrelationsaI-ECVIREALCommunality
Factor loadingb
Do you have frequent or intense headaches?0.259−1.930.75*0.9130.2470.7070.798
Do your headaches usually last more than 4 h?1.158−0.660.68*0.8850.3030.7970.835
Do you usually suffer from nausea when you have a headache?1.289−0.340.65*0.9990.0300.6880.802
Does light or noise bother you when you have a headache?0.454−1.791.76*0.8160.4280.9140.848
Does headache limit any of your physical or intellectual activities?−0.012−1.997.76*0.9770.1180.6620.781
  1. *p < 0.01
  2. a Spearman’s correlation coefficient
  3. b Diagonally weighted least squares for unrotated solution
  4. I-UniCo Item Unidimensional Congruence, I-ECV Item Explained Common Variance
  5. I-REAL Item Residual Absolute Loadings