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Table 5 Quality assessment of studies included in the quantitative synthesis (N = 10). These studies examined correlates of wellbeing or mental health among YPLHIV in SSA $

From: Informing the measurement of wellbeing among young people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa for policy evaluations: a mixed-methods systematic review

Author yearSampling (max score 4)Measurement (max score 8)Reporting (max score 8)Total scoreQuality
 GeneralisabilitySample sizePsychometric properties of scaleScale administrationDescription of analysisReporting of regression analysisAdjustment of confoundersMaximum score = 20 
(Abebe et al., 2019)121313112Medium
(Dow et al., 2016)12121108Low
(Earnshaw et al., 2018)11012319Low
(Gaitho et al., 2018)110114210High
(Gentz et al., 2017)10120127Low
(Kim et al., 2015)123223215Medium
(Mbalinda et al., 2015)122113212Medium
(Mutumba et al., 2017)122213112Medium
(Okawa et al., 2018)12101117Low
(Woollett et al., 2017)12110005Low
  1. $ = The quality assessment tool that was applied was adapted from the Cochrane guidance on assessing risk of bias in non-randomised studies (Higgins and Green, 2011)