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Table 2 Description of studies in the quantitative synthesis that examined correlates of wellbeing or mental health among YPLHIV in SSA (N = 10)

From: Informing the measurement of wellbeing among young people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa for policy evaluations: a mixed-methods systematic review

Author yearWorld Bank Income ClassificationCountrySettingStudy designData collection periodType of participantsRecruited fromOutcome measured (scales used)Total participated (N)Mean age (SD)Female
n (%)
(Abebe et al., 2019)Low income (Eastern)EthiopiaAddis Ababa
Cross-sectionalMay-Jun 2016 (Scaled-up ART)YPLHIV
(15–24 yrs.)
Public hospitalsDepressive symptoms (BDI-II)50718.6 (3.02)272 (69)
(Kim et al., 2015)Low income (Southern)MalawiZomba, Lilongwe
Cross-sectional2012 (Scaled-up ART)YPLHIV
(12–18 yrs.)
Paediatric HIV clinic, ART clinic in hospitalDepressive symptoms (BDI II, CDRS-R)56214.5 (2.0)315 (56)
(Mbalinda et al., 2015)Low income (Eastern)UgandaEastern, western and northern regions-(Mixed)Cross-sectionalSept 2013-Mar 2014 (Scaled-up ART)YPLHIV
(10–19 yrs.), peri-natally HIV-infected
Public and non-profit private healthcare facilities (n = 4)Health-related quality of life (MOS-HIV)61416.2 (2.1)361 (58.8)
(Mutumba et al., 2017)Low income (Eastern)UgandaKampala (Urban)Cross-sectionalMay- Sept 2013 (Scaled-up ART)YPLHIV
(12–19 yrs.), aware of HIV status, no clinically documented cognitive limitations
NPO ARV Clinic- Joint Clinical Research CentrePsychological distress (Psychological distress measure)46415.6 (2.21)249 (53)
(Dow et al., 2016)Low income (Eastern)TanzaniaMoshi
Cross-sectionalDec 2013-May 2014
(Scaled-up ART)
(12–24 yrs.), aware of HIV status, living with family and attending a HIV- youth programme
HIV youth clinicDepressive symptoms (PHQ-9), mental health difficulties (SDQ)18217.2 (2.9)99 (54)
(Gaitho et al., 2018)Lower middle income (Eastern)KenyaNairobi (Urban)Cross-sectionalAug-Dec 2016 (Scaled-up ART)YPLHIV
(10–19 yrs.)
Care Clinic in Hospital
27014.75 (2.6)125 (47.3)
(Okawa et al., 2018)Lower middle income (Southern)ZambiaLusaka
Cross-sectional (Mixed-methods)Apr-Jul 2014 (Scaled-up ART)YPLHIV
(15–19 yrs.), aware of HIV status, registered as clients at the HIV centres
Paediatric and AdultHIV Centres of Excellence -University Teaching HospitalDepressive symptoms (CES-D)19016 (NR)110 (57.9)
(Gentz et al., 2017)Upper middle income (Southern)NamibiaKatutura, Windhoek (Peri-urban)Cross-sectionalJuly 2013-Mar 2014 (Scaled-up ART)YPLHIV
(12–18 yrs.), aware of HIV status
Paediatric ARV clinic in hospitalMental health difficulties (SDQ)9914.3 (1.8)52 (52.5)
(Earnshaw et al., 2018)Upper middle income (Southern)South AfricaJohannesburg (Peri-urban)Cross-sectionalNov 2015-Jul 2016 (Scaled-up ART)YPLHIV
(13–24 yrs.), aware of HIV status, peri-natal HIV-infection
Paediatric Wellness Clinic- in hospitalDepressive symptoms
25016.34 (2.67)103 (41)
(Woollett et al., 2017)Upper middle income (Southern)South AfricaJohannesburg (Urban)Cross-sectionalAug 2013-April 2014 (Scaled-up ART)YPLHIV
(13–19 yrs.)
Paediatric clinics- hospital (n = 3), community healthcare centre (n = 1); primary healthcare clinic (n = 1)Depressive symptoms (CDI-S), anxiety symptoms (RCMAS-2)34316* (IQR 12–19)181 (52)
  1. SD Standard Deviation; PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire 9; SDQ Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire, BDI II Beck Depression Inventory-II, CDRS-R Children’s Depression Rating Scale–Revised, MOS-HIV HIV Medical Outcomes Survey, CES-D Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale, CDI-S Children’s Depression Inventory-Short Version, RCMAS-2 Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale - Second Edition