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Table 3 Health related quality of life scores (PedsQL) in sacrococcygeal teratoma patients with comorbiditiesa compared to patients without comorbidities

From: Health-related quality of life and scar satisfaction in a cohort of children operated on for sacrococcygeal teratoma

 Comorbidities (N = 4)No comorbidities (N = 13)
Total score87.572–9495.086–99< 0.05b
  Physical score87.578–9497.091–100< 0.01b
 Psychosocial health86.068–9692.079–980.35b
  Emotional functioning82.565–10090.045–1000.70b
   Social functioning95.070–100100.090–1000.20b
   School functioning81.560–9295.075–100< 0.05b
  1. a Beckwith-Wiedeman, familial hypercalciuria, ADHD, general anxiety disorder
  2. b Mann-Whitney U-test