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Table 2 Health related quality of life scores (PedsQL) in sacrococcygeal teratoma patients with neurogenic bladder and/or neurogenic bowel function compared to patients with normal bladder and bowel function

From: Health-related quality of life and scar satisfaction in a cohort of children operated on for sacrococcygeal teratoma

 Neurogenic bladder/bowel function (N = 5)Normal bladder/bowel function (N = 12)
Total score93.072–9795.083–990.19a
 Physical score94.078–10097.091–1000.83a
 Psychosocial health94.068–9792.078–980.56a
  Emotional functioning90.075–10090.045–1000.75a
   Social functioning100.070–100100.090–1000.71a
   School functioning90.060–95100.075–1000.07a
  1. a Mann-Whitney U-test