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Table 1 Population surveys that investigated quality of life conducted in countries from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania between 2008 and 2018

From: Quality of life assessment instruments for adults: a systematic review of population-based studies

Country Survey References
Korea Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey – KNHANES [26, 41, 55, 64,65,66,67]
Korean Community Health Survey – KCHS [40]
The Korean National Cancer Center [68]
Brazil Inquérito de Saúde do Município de São Paulo - ISA Capital-SP [8, 45]
Brazilian Osteoporosis Study – BRAZOS [44]
Epi Floripa Idoso [43]
Inquérito da Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos [34]
Inquérito da Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros [11]
Inquérito da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais [15]
Inquérito de Saúde do Município de Campinas - ISA Campinas-SP [13, 49]
Brazil National Health and Wellness Survey – NWHS [14]
Pesquisa Dimensões Sociais das Desigualdades – PDSD [33]
Research of the Social Dimensions of Inequalities [16]
National Survey of Oral Health Brazilian population databases – SB Brazil [29]
Denmark Danish Breast Cancer Cooperative Group – DBCG [52, 60]
Survey conducted by the University of Copenhagen [37]
England English General Practice Patient Survey- GPPS [20]
Health Survey for England - HSE [19, 35]
National Survey of Health and Development – NSHD [21]
United Kingdom English General Practice Patient Survey- GPPS [57]
Adult Dental Health Survey – ADHS [22]
US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey - NHANES [46, 58]
National Survey of Women Veterans – NSWV [9, 47]
Nationwide Survey of Female Sexual Health [32]
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey – MEPS [12]
National Health and Wellness Survey – NHWS [30]
National survey of the employment concerns of adults living with multiple sclerosis – NMSS [10]
Porter Novelli’s 2010 HealthStyles [31]
Japan Japan National Health and Wellness Survey – NHWS [24, 69]
The Nationwide Survey of Acute Stroke Care Capacity for Proper Designation of Comprehensive Stroke Center in Japan (J-ASPECT) Study [53]
Korean Epidemiological Catchment Area – KECA-R [25]
Germany PSO Health [17, 23]
Cardiovascular disease, Living and Ageing in Halle – CARLA [59]
Dortmund Health Study – DHS [59]
Germany National Health Interview and Examination Survey – GNHIES 98 [59]
Cooperative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg Survey – KORA S4 [59]
Study of Health in Pommerania – SHIP 0 [59]
Australia Australian National Survey of Psychosis [70]
II National Survey of Mental Health and Well-Being – HSE [27]
Health Study and the National Survey of Adult Oral Health – NSAOH [56]
Defense Deployed Solomon Islands (SI) Health Study [56]
Spain CadeViMa-Spain [38]
France French Renal Epidemiology and Information Network and CRISTAL database [18]
French Decennial Health Survey [62]
Nationwide survey of members of the French patients’ society Association Francois Aupetit [AFA] [61]
VESPA 1 and 2 - ANRS [63]
Mexico Integral study of depression among older adults in Mexico City’s/Mexican Institute of Social Security – IMSS [48]
Canada Manitoba IBD Cohort Study [28]
Thailand National Health Interview Suvey in Taiwan [54]
The Netherlands Second Dutch National Survey of General Practice [50]
Nigeria The Nigerian national blindness and visual impairment survey [42]
Sweden The Swedish Survey of Living Conditions [36]
Switzerland “Vivre/Leben/Vivere” [51]
Laos and Thailand WHO-ThaiHealth [39]