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Table 1 HRQoL instruments: abbreviations and full names

From: How is the minimal clinically important difference established in health-related quality of life instruments? Review of anchors and methods

Instrument-abbreviationInstrument-full name
Generic instruments
 EQ-5DEuropean Quality of Life 5-Dimensions
 SF-36Short Form-36 Health Survey
 SF-12Short Form-12 Health Survey
 SF-6DShort-Form 6-Dimensions
 WHOQOL- 100World Health Organization Quality of Life assessment
 15D15-dimensions Quality of Life
Disease-specific instruments
 EORTC QLQ-C30European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life- Questionnaire Core 30
 EORTC QLQ-BM22EORTC QLQ- bone metastases module
 EORTC QLQ-BN20EORTC QLQ- brain module
 EORTC QLQ-C15-PALEORTC QLQ −15 palliative
 EORTC GHSEORTC Global Health Status (GHS)
 UW-QOLQUniversity of Washington Quality of Life Questionnaire
 DLQIDermatology Life Quality Index
 KQoL-26Knee Quality of life 26-item
 VascuQolVascular Quality Of Life
 UCLA-PCIUCLA prostate cancer index
 SIS-16Stroke Impact Scale
 IWQOL-kidsImpact of Weight on Quality of Life-Kids
 QLS /QOLSHeinrichs–carpenter Quality of Life
 PC-QOLParent Cough-Specific Quality of Life
 PedsQLPediatric Quality Of Life Inventory
 ASK Nasal-12The Anterior Skull Base Nasal
 PANQOLThe Penn Acoustic Neuroma QOL
 PEmbQoLPulmonary Embolism Quality of Life
  1. HRQoL health-related-quality of life