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Table 4 Targeting and reliability information of the Perceived Stress and Perceived Control subscales

From: Measuring stress in Australia: validation of the perceived stress scale (PSS-14) in a national sample

ReliabilityProbability of Person Separation
Perceived Stress subscale
 Up to High SchoolMale3927.513.9914.830.560.850.83
 Technical education or UniMale10757.413.7014.850.580.830.82
 Up to High SchoolFemale8588.534.0214.790.600.860.84
 Technical education or UniFemale15258.483.6514.790.620.820.82
Perceived Control Subscale
 Up to High SchoolMale3924.292.459.180.360.770.75
 Technical education or UniMale10703.722.189.070.340.730.74
 Up to High SchoolFemale8574.
 Technical education or UniFemale15263.912.129.200.340.710.73
  1. The mean score is the average score for each subgroup. The target is the score which maximizes the information function. Reliability is the proportion of true score variance in relation to the total score variance. The probability of person separation is the probability that the scores of two random persons have the same rank order as their true person parameters