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Table 3 Item fit statistics for the GLLRM of the negatively worded items (“Perceived Stress”)

From: Measuring stress in Australia: validation of the perceived stress scale (PSS-14) in a national sample

ItemConditional OutfitConditional Infit
Item 11.0210.0290.4821.0240.0280.386
Item 20.9500.0310.1080.9480.0260.049
Item 30.9930.0270.7830.9910.0250.726
Item 111.0150.0260.5501.0240.0250.355
Item 140.9910.0240.7020.9940.0240.806
  1. The Conditional Outfit and Conditional Infit statistics have expected values equal to one under the Rasch model